Why I love mountaineering

About two years ago my husband Bill and I started hiking. A simple spin around our local Nature Preserve’s  Chickadee Loop, started it all. It was something we had not done in a while, and we realized that we really enjoyed it and should hike once again.

That was just the start of it and  we were wanting more, and so we graduated to Bear Mountain where we did our first “summit”.  We were hooked, and since that fateful day at Bear Mountain we have been taking hikes year round, snowshoeing, taking classes in mountaineering,  ice climbing, rock climbing, purchasing equipment with each adventure so we can apply what we learn to practical hikes.

I love the time I spend in the mountains. I love the tranquility, the spirituality, I love the connection that Bill and I have when we go. It is as close as one can come to heaven, and still be of this earth.

The challenges that are posed when on the mountain are that of survival (not that we put ourselves into that much danger). You trust your instincts, and you trust each other. Armed with knowledge and tools is useless if you have no common sense.This is an important point as it not only applies to mountaineering, but it can be used in Life as well.

Climb On!


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