Another kind of “Omnivores Dilemma”

Here we go again.

Just when I thought it was safe to eat “happy meat” as I call it- Organic, Antibiotic free, pasture raised, cage free, etc., out comes this post from Food Safety News.

Exploring the Link Between Animal Health and Food Safety.

When Michael Pollan’s  book was published, it opened my eyes to the  practices of the agribusiness giants. He showed how the industry treated animals by never letting them experience  light of day, penned up unable to move, shot through and through with hormones and antibiotics,  these were the horrors that developed  from the need to feed a nation.

But now it seems happy meat can be tainted as well, all because another part of the industry needs to look at its standards and practices. It never ends.

We need to clean up our act. Maybe by taking a look back to the days when we had no fast food and supersize and slow down a bit we will be able to see just what kind of mess we’ve created.


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