A year of silence

Its been quite some time since I have posted on my blog.

Two reasons: I have been diligently working on a blog/dashboard  for work and have been posting work related issues, employee information, and generally keeping all staff updated on daily business. It was fun designing, I learned a lot about WordPress and how I can keep a blog within a private forum. It seems to be working well, there are tweaks I learn all the time and I am continually building them into the site. I actually just figured out how to access this blog, which I just successfully signed into again (I thought I lost it ! :/)

The second reason is my mountaineering adventures have been curtailed due to a knee injury, and a good part of my contemplative time is spent on our hikes and time in the mountains. I am happy to say these will start up again soon!

Balance between work and home-life is key.

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