Stay-cation January 2019

Exploring the local trails this week. Sunday was Butler Sanctuary, today we went to Whippoorwill Park, Chappaqua. The temp was 25 degrees, but dry. The snow is suppose to start around 1am, but you can feel it coming in the air! The trail was great, Toulouse was a bit hesitant at first, but then the overwhelming scents must have kicked in and he was enthusiastic.

We had never hiked this trail before, in fact, there are only a few local trails that we have done: Turkey Mountain, Westmoreland, Rockefeller Preserve, Ward Pound Ridge, and Mianus River Gorge. It is so nice to know that these parks / trails are so close and they are so beautifully maintained. If we didn’t know better, we would think that we were in the Adirondacks!

During these hikes I am also attempting to take photographs with a more professional camera. Learning how to hike, and hold a leash and take pictures with a sofisticated piece of equiptment is pretty challenging, and in hindsight, maybe I don’t need to take a backpack on such a local hike…but old habits die hard.

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