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The Hyperlinked Library Mooc

There just are not enough hours in the day to keep up to snuff with all the changes in Libraries! I am trying my best to stop in on other blogs, read journal articles, comment on other blogs, think how I can apply all I am reading to my programs at my library. So much is happening, Its a great time to be in this field.

Recently, I have been following the Hyperlinked Library Mooc. Registration was closed by the time I actually tried to join, so I feel somewhat like a snoop, reading all the entries, and dropping in on Modules. Exciting to be witnessing something as massive as this, I believe there are around 400 participants? (feel free to correct me, at least i will know that someone is reading my entries)

I will be posting my thoughts on my blog, feel free to comment and join me in peeking in on this exciting online class!

Happy mooc-ing


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