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Keeping the dust out of libraries

I am thrilled at the trend I am seeing. Librarians like Sarah Houghton becoming Directors http://bit.ly/ILDBg9 means that the dust is being brushed off and the new,” next-gen” librarian is being let in to lead the way for our libraries of the future.

I have not been a librarian long, officially 7 years, my previous life was as a graphic designer (which came along with its own slings and arrows) I am SO glad that I made this switch in a time of such dynamic change. The internet, technology and social media has made this profession as exciting as being on a high-speed roller coaster, (or summiting a mountain in my case, my husband and are avid mountaineers)

I am happy to see a flood of tattoos, piercings and multicolored hair coming into libraries, my hope is that the shussshhhing , sensible shoes, bespectacled jokes stop.  BTW  I would love to see the embarrassing librarian videos of librarians dancing to Lady Gaga music chill as well, intentions are good, but really,  leave the entertainment to the entertainment world.

Congratulations to Sarah Houghton, and to the city of  San Rafael  for showing that you believe in the next generation of Librarians and Libraries. We need to invest in  fresh thinking, enthusiastic library graduates and new librarians to keep this profession dust free, and out of the tar pit.


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