This is my son Jordy.


Yes, I know he is a different species, but, what the hey, no one asked ANY questions about Stuart Little.

But getting back to Jordy, he has taught me a lot. How you ask? Well first without going into all the unconditional love, devotion etc.  qualities that sons have, (daughters have that as well I may add) I learned a few  very practical healthy lifestyle things:

  • Stretch first thing in the morning
  • Drink water-lots of water all day long
  • Play whenever you get a chance.

It’s not really that I learned it from him, rather, made note of those very simple  habits that seem to be a very practical carry over to my life. Which brings me to the original topic: Yoga. I do like Yoga, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not something I can completely devote my time to.

So, what I do instead is read books that use Yoga in a sort of Medicinal way. Two books that we have at the library are: Prescriptive Stretching and  Yoga Anatomy. The reason I like these books, rather than books about different styles of  Yoga is that they actually show you what muscle, or section of body that you are trying to stretch without having to chant OOHHmm. I think that chanting is the part I get stuck on.



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  1. Lisa R.

    Loved your dog analogy; great observation on how to live our lives.


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