Hyperlinked Library: An East Coast Observer and My Progress

Although I am not enrolled in the Hyperlinked Library Mooc, I have been following the weekly modules and trying to pick up some of the suggested readings.

It is great to see how other librarians with varied populations tackle the assignments. I still feel like I’m taking baby-steps in getting results, but at least I’m trying, and I’m persistent.

Our library had a very successful Summer Reading program for the children, The children’s librarian had a calendar packed with activities both for sleep-away campers as well as day-campers that stayed in the community. It was nice to see the level of participants that stayed connected to the library throughout the summer vacation.

For the adults, I launched the second annual Booktoberfest: A Community Reading Festival  Booktoberfest brings together the community, the Library and the Main Street business with  reading and sharing of books. Participation  in the program is acknowledge by a drawing from the gift vase, (different gift cards from merchants in town)  and at the end of the program (which runs for three months) top readers get a small gift package, also put together from main street stores) After registering, participants read and log in books that they “rate”. There are no assigned books, and no restrictions as to genre, or length. Last year there was a Bagels and Bookshare at the end of the program. This year we are having a Mocktail party 1/3 of the way through, as requested by last years group. We will exchange books, authors and opinions again at the end of November, and possibly continue the gatherings every three months.

What I learned from last years event is that they really enjoy the gatherings, but the time needed to be switched to the evening so it was more convenient for those that work.

So I will see how this Booktoberfest unfolds, and hopefully I can discover how I can improve on this Community Festival.


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