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Public Land, Private Land and trust


We are all so fortunate to have National Parks and Forest Preserves. In NY particularly Adirondack Park Reserve, and Catskill Forest preserve. 3million acres of land have been put aside and is maintained by Forest Rangers, and Environmental specialists. Citizens can play a part in the future of these natural resources as well.

When we hike these lands we are visitors. The forests are enjoyed by all. As we were hiking today we came across a sign that said “private land” and I thought to myself how generous the landowner was (or maybe there simply was no choice when the land was purchased?) to let total strangers hike across their land. Such trust that the signs that say “stay on trail” are followed!

Just saying as side thought, this sounds like the concept of a Library!  Tax dollars pay for books, media, resources. Accessible to all and based on a trust that there will respect shown to not only the material, but to the other people who use the material.

Random connections of things you think about when in total natural wild beauty…


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The Myths of Innovation | R. David Lankes

Worth a listen. Supports my feelings about the trending “maker spaces” and what libraries need to do to remain relevant.  In David Lankes’ words it is the library’s place to “facilitate innovation”

Source: The Myths of Innovation | R. David Lankes

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Ode to Bookstore



Walking down a neighborhood street, I passed an empty building that use to be a bookstore. I felt a meloncholy  overcome me and I longed to be standing in the stacks of a bookstore…a true bookstore, one that sold books. Now I realize that sounds funny but bookstores have been forced to become a place where you can buy toys, stuffed animals (that come with books as a kit) music CD, games oh, and yes…books. 

It is sad that all the talk of books becoming a thing of the past, and ebooks taking over has become a self fulfilling prophecy for large chain bookstores. It is change, and change is natural, what should not change is our belief in books, the creative written word. From that word other wonderful things happen, movies, plays, games. The spoken word, the written word have been around for centuries, how else would we know where we came from?

What we need is to maintain our belief that books are going to stay. As Simon Sinek said in his Ted talk, people follow ideas and dreams. If you believe in something, others that have that same belief will follow. A book, whether ink on paper, electronic, or audio is still a piece of creative expression. Support independent bookstores, mom and pops, libraries. 



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Hyperlinked Library: An East Coast Observer and My Progress

Although I am not enrolled in the Hyperlinked Library Mooc, I have been following the weekly modules and trying to pick up some of the suggested readings.

It is great to see how other librarians with varied populations tackle the assignments. I still feel like I’m taking baby-steps in getting results, but at least I’m trying, and I’m persistent.

Our library had a very successful Summer Reading program for the children, The children’s librarian had a calendar packed with activities both for sleep-away campers as well as day-campers that stayed in the community. It was nice to see the level of participants that stayed connected to the library throughout the summer vacation.

For the adults, I launched the second annual Booktoberfest: A Community Reading Festival  Booktoberfest brings together the community, the Library and the Main Street business with  reading and sharing of books. Participation  in the program is acknowledge by a drawing from the gift vase, (different gift cards from merchants in town)  and at the end of the program (which runs for three months) top readers get a small gift package, also put together from main street stores) After registering, participants read and log in books that they “rate”. There are no assigned books, and no restrictions as to genre, or length. Last year there was a Bagels and Bookshare at the end of the program. This year we are having a Mocktail party 1/3 of the way through, as requested by last years group. We will exchange books, authors and opinions again at the end of November, and possibly continue the gatherings every three months.

What I learned from last years event is that they really enjoy the gatherings, but the time needed to be switched to the evening so it was more convenient for those that work.

So I will see how this Booktoberfest unfolds, and hopefully I can discover how I can improve on this Community Festival.


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DVD’s never put the movie industry out of business.

Being a librarian at this time, is both exciting and challenging. Despite all the negative that is circulating about demise of the (ink-on-paper) book,  I firmly believe that books, as well as libraries and librarians will be around for a long while. All will adapt accordingly to meet the needs of their community.

About the ink-on-paper book: Writers will continue to write creative works that need to be promoted and displayed in windows and  shelves. People need to be able to browse through it, pass it over to someone else, leave it behind on vacation.The book is a product, a physical item that represents a creative piece of work, and all formats that follow are means of sharing . A piece of art is an expression of an artists creative thought, and digitizing is a way of sharing that image, A movie is released in theaters, pressed on DVD, and available online. When dealing with a creative piece the best way to be introduced, and promoted is to have a tangible product. After this point, it has a life of its own, and its success or failure is based on public opinion, and a successful  promotional campaign.

With the introduction of digital readers, comments that “books are doomed” and libraries are in trouble were heard everywhere. Libraries are hurting, just as many other institutions are hurting during this time of economic hardships, however it is not because e readers entered the picture.  Digitization is just another format to share a creative piece. As the movie industry has a set release structure: concept, screenplay, movie, DVD, streaming, so too, the book industry has: concept, hardcover, paperback, digital. In my previous career I ushered in the movie-to-video age, and there was never any talk about the demise of the movie industry, and there hasn’t been, has there?

As far as Librarianship as a career, I would continue with that path, knowing  that it is an ever-changing field. Know that it is no different from any other career in that you bring to the table a unique skill that you have, and change is inevitable. Books , electronic devices, internet are all part of the sharing of information. Finding, sorting, navigating and empowering is the larger part of this career.

Libraries are still the beacon for information and education. Without them, there would be no trace in the future as to who we are now or where we came from. How information is formatted and dispersed is not the issue here, rather it is the ability of accessing information in the future. Libraries and Librarians will always be needed, no matter what the shape or form. They are running right along side as we move forward cataloging, labeling and dispersing information making sure we know where we came from, so we have a clear vision as to where we are going.

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Naked Librarianship

Naked Librarianship

Written originally in July, blogger Anthony Molaro makes excellent points on the best way to approach Librarianship. In troubled economic times, I believe we need to approach Customer Service as if we were a business, and this article is right on point, in my opinion.

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