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February 11, 2018

Grafedie In The Library has been a learning, growing experience for me over time. At first, I wanted to use this blog as a vehicle to share my reader advisory skills, hoping that I could improve my writing skills in addition to promoting books that we had at my library. That was the intent, and I was perfectly happy blogging in my own little world. My opinions were not controversial, or political or witty so there was no reason for any one particular group of readers, or library user to even notice.

But as time went on, I let go of the Library related posts and concentrated on adding my GardenSpot page and documenting our Hiking trips. Two things that have come to be my passion. This post is just a bit of retrospect, looking back over a few years how I have changed and continue to learn new things. Recently I have been listening to Podcasts. My favorites are on Sustainability, Horticulture and Gardening.

Just a bit of rambling

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Telltale signs of age


There are various ways that aging presents itself in all species. People will look at an animal and although exact age is a “rough guess”, it is usually not that far off, give or take a year or two. Dogs and cats have a wizened, mature look about them, horses that have had a labored life could have swaybacks, and there is the old adage about teeth and the horses mouth…”Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” It is , as we all know, tabu to ask a woman her age, and there are quite a few ways we can mask greying, wrinkles and other general signs of aging through the wonders of medicine, and a good plastic surgeon.

There are however a few places that will give one a moment of pause when considering a persons age. One well known spot is the neck. Nora Ephron had written about that in one of her later books I Feel Bad About My Neck. Hands are tough, but there is definetly a marked difference in a youthful hand vs a matured hand.

The one spot that I newly discovered is Feet. This has come about since I bought a new pair of boots. When “breaking in a new pair of shoes” feet will never win without mega-casualties, and here is where the age part comes in. Feet stop being resilient as they mature. They fight back with a vengeance, becoming old gnarly images of what they once were. The only advantage that this  telltale age point has is that feet can be stashed away in shoes and occlusive sandals, similar to the portrait of Mr. Dorian Grey covered and hidden in the attic.

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