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Telltale signs of age


There are various ways that aging presents itself in all species. People will look at an animal and although exact age is a “rough guess”, it is usually not that far off, give or take a year or two. Dogs and cats have a wizened, mature look about them, horses that have had a labored life could have swaybacks, and there is the old adage about teeth and the horses mouth…”Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” It is , as we all know, tabu to ask a woman her age, and there are quite a few ways we can mask greying, wrinkles and other general signs of aging through the wonders of medicine, and a good plastic surgeon.

There are however a few places that will give one a moment of pause when considering a persons age. One well known spot is the neck. Nora Ephron had written about that in one of her later books I Feel Bad About My Neck. Hands are tough, but there is definetly a marked difference in a youthful hand vs a matured hand.

The one spot that I newly discovered is Feet. This has come about since I bought a new pair of boots. When “breaking in a new pair of shoes” feet will never win without mega-casualties, and here is where the age part comes in. Feet stop being resilient as they mature. They fight back with a vengeance, becoming old gnarly images of what they once were. The only advantage that this  telltale age point has is that feet can be stashed away in shoes and occlusive sandals, similar to the portrait of Mr. Dorian Grey covered and hidden in the attic.

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Ode to Bookstore



Walking down a neighborhood street, I passed an empty building that use to be a bookstore. I felt a meloncholy  overcome me and I longed to be standing in the stacks of a bookstore…a true bookstore, one that sold books. Now I realize that sounds funny but bookstores have been forced to become a place where you can buy toys, stuffed animals (that come with books as a kit) music CD, games oh, and yes…books. 

It is sad that all the talk of books becoming a thing of the past, and ebooks taking over has become a self fulfilling prophecy for large chain bookstores. It is change, and change is natural, what should not change is our belief in books, the creative written word. From that word other wonderful things happen, movies, plays, games. The spoken word, the written word have been around for centuries, how else would we know where we came from?

What we need is to maintain our belief that books are going to stay. As Simon Sinek said in his Ted talk, people follow ideas and dreams. If you believe in something, others that have that same belief will follow. A book, whether ink on paper, electronic, or audio is still a piece of creative expression. Support independent bookstores, mom and pops, libraries. 



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Hyperlinked Library: An East Coast Observer and My Progress

Although I am not enrolled in the Hyperlinked Library Mooc, I have been following the weekly modules and trying to pick up some of the suggested readings.

It is great to see how other librarians with varied populations tackle the assignments. I still feel like I’m taking baby-steps in getting results, but at least I’m trying, and I’m persistent.

Our library had a very successful Summer Reading program for the children, The children’s librarian had a calendar packed with activities both for sleep-away campers as well as day-campers that stayed in the community. It was nice to see the level of participants that stayed connected to the library throughout the summer vacation.

For the adults, I launched the second annual Booktoberfest: A Community Reading Festival  Booktoberfest brings together the community, the Library and the Main Street business with  reading and sharing of books. Participation  in the program is acknowledge by a drawing from the gift vase, (different gift cards from merchants in town)  and at the end of the program (which runs for three months) top readers get a small gift package, also put together from main street stores) After registering, participants read and log in books that they “rate”. There are no assigned books, and no restrictions as to genre, or length. Last year there was a Bagels and Bookshare at the end of the program. This year we are having a Mocktail party 1/3 of the way through, as requested by last years group. We will exchange books, authors and opinions again at the end of November, and possibly continue the gatherings every three months.

What I learned from last years event is that they really enjoy the gatherings, but the time needed to be switched to the evening so it was more convenient for those that work.

So I will see how this Booktoberfest unfolds, and hopefully I can discover how I can improve on this Community Festival.


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The Why-Fie zone


Many establishments offer wi-fi these days, it is more common than not. However there is one instance that seems to bother me, and I can’t put my finger on exactly why. We offer free Wi-Fi in our library as many libraries do. There is a fee that the library pays for the service, however the fee is not passed on to the taxpayers. Enter the Town with the announcement that they are going to be wired soon so the entire area has service.

So, is that taking the wind out of the library’s sails? Will taxpayers be paying for free wi-fi for residents within that zone?  Will the Library even need to have its own wi-fi? Why bother if the town has a signal that we can use?

I’m interested in hearing if anyone has this overlap in their area, and how is it handled.


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Hyperlinking to a disconnected audience

knothole     With all the talk of Moocs, online communities, tribes, groups, and the future of where libraries are headed, I am inspired to create tutorials, youtube messages for my library’s Facebook page, tweet my heart out, and merrily blog along. But…I fear, I KNOW… that sending out these messages is like transmitting radio waves into the milky way, It’s a shot in the dark with the hope that someone is interested enough to get as excited as I am about an upcoming technology. I sometimes feel like it is the biggest fail, and I should just toss it.

But I don’t. I only do that on the outside, on the inside, I am planning ways to get in through some back door. I have come to the conclusion that to reach the virtual community, one must connect with the actual one first, because when the young mothers are reading the parenting blogs, they are not thinking about what programs are at the library nor do they even know that the library has a virtual presence (or virtual branch as I like to refer to it).  When they are not online, they are in the coffee shop, or nail salon, or yoga class or taking the kids to the soccer game, so thats where we need to be, (well maybe just the coffee shop during working hours)

To connect with your community you need to be in the community. Its like the old saying “If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed”  I intend to be an “Embedded librarian” in the community.  I am curious to see if it will make any difference to our virtual presence.

Keep you posted


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The Hyperlinked Library Mooc

There just are not enough hours in the day to keep up to snuff with all the changes in Libraries! I am trying my best to stop in on other blogs, read journal articles, comment on other blogs, think how I can apply all I am reading to my programs at my library. So much is happening, Its a great time to be in this field.

Recently, I have been following the Hyperlinked Library Mooc. Registration was closed by the time I actually tried to join, so I feel somewhat like a snoop, reading all the entries, and dropping in on Modules. Exciting to be witnessing something as massive as this, I believe there are around 400 participants? (feel free to correct me, at least i will know that someone is reading my entries)

I will be posting my thoughts on my blog, feel free to comment and join me in peeking in on this exciting online class!

Happy mooc-ing


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The Private War Of J.D. Salinger : NPR


Interesting insight into when an author is known for one title.

It’s funny, I always felt that success like that would be like a dream come true. Imagine leaving your mark, your statement in one piece of work that is studied by students from that time forward.

The Private War Of J.D. Salinger : NPR.

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September 2, 2013 · 12:23 am

The Public Library as Your Community’s Digital Bridge | Librarian in Black Blog – Sarah Houghton

Digital Divide is a real phenomenon. Our community library offers free digital literacy classes, the key is to get the word out to the non-library users. People are surprised at what is available for the “cost” of a library card, it is still the best bargain around.

The Public Library as Your Community’s Digital Bridge | Librarian in Black Blog – Sarah Houghton.

Librarian in Black Sarah Houghton sums it up well, we should all do our part in closing the gap.

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It’s not Book-Less, just electronic.


Although it has no ink-on-paper books, book-less does not seem to be the term that should be used in the same thought as the word library. I feel the term e-library or some latin derivative of “knowledge” or “education” can be used

BiblioTech on track to open Sept. 14 – San Antonio Express-News.

Interesting article on the future way of accessing information, whatever the form.

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49 Breathtaking Libraries From All Over The World

Whenever I go anywhere with my family, I always point out the public library if we happen to pass by. I will most likely not get to see too many of these. So far, I’ve only seen 1.

49 Breathtaking Libraries From All Over The World.


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